Building a Home

I had no idea that we would get this much accomplished on the house building project! I took the first picture on the first day we arrived, and as you can see, the… Continue reading

Cultural Barriers

I worked closely with Roberto, the Spanish teacher in my classroom, and though I had my doubts in the beginning, I can confidently say that we both learned so much from each other.… Continue reading

Teaching English Literacy

I was really nervous going into this job because I have very limited Spanish knowledge. I took Spanish for three years back in high school, but I stopped using it, so I was… Continue reading

the bora bora experience

We went on a full day private boat tour on our first full day at Puerto Vallarta, and it was such a memorable experience.  In addition to going snorkeling at Los Arcos, a… Continue reading

families of the dump

Many families in Puerto Vallarta live near the garbage dump and go through trash to collect recyclable objects as their living. This dump site pictured here is actually near the old dump; the… Continue reading

Bringing it Back to Ann Arbor

Though my experience in Mexico was only one month of my life, the lessons I have learned and the perspectives I have gained will carry through with me for the rest of my… Continue reading